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Ariana Grande Perfume:coco Chane News and Articles Why is Gucci guilty of perfume?

Why is Gucci guilty of perfume?

It was one of the best selling perfume brands of all time. 

It had a name that everyone was familiar with: Gucci.

But what is Guccifer, the hacker who’s been accused of stealing the secrets of the world’s most expensive fragrance company, guilty of?

It’s not just the price, either. 

The brand’s identity has been stolen from a source that is widely known to the world, and now, it’s on the line.

Gucci is accused of selling a perfume called Gucci Guilty, which was stolen from Gucci’s assistant store in a Manhattan shop, and is now being sold on Amazon for a staggering $4,900 per bottle. 

A tweet from the perfume’s Twitter account, @gucci guilty, was taken down earlier this week.

It was later restored. 

“Gucci guilty was a perfume that sold on Amazon for $4,901,” the tweet reads.

“The name is not Gucci, but is the code name for the Assistant Store at Gucci stores in New York City.”

“Guccifer is also known for being the source of the leaked email, which also has been used by Gucci in the past,” the Twitter post continued.

“The email was leaked from Guccis associate store in New York, where Gucci Guilty is currently being sold.”

Guys we know what you’re thinking.

You are thinking Gucci is guilty, right?


Gucci has been proven innocent.

“The tweet goes on to accuse Gucci of “stealing from the Assistant Store and reselling on Amazon.

“The Gucci guilty tweet has been taken down and a screenshot of it has been posted.

The Gucci website has also been taken offline.

A spokesperson for Gucci told The Verge that the website has been restored, but the store is still inaccessible.

The tweet was taken out of context and was never about Gucci at all, the spokesperson said.”

I don’t know the actual source of this Tweet, so it’s not a real screenshot,” he said. 

Groups like Anonymous have been pushing for the arrest of Guccifers, even though the FBI has said there’s no evidence the hackers actually stole anything. 

They also want Gucci to issue a statement saying it has nothing to do with the perfume.

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