Ariana Grande Perfume:coco Chane

Ariana Grande Perfume:coco Chane Products Which are the new fragrances that you should be smelling this holiday season?

Which are the new fragrances that you should be smelling this holiday season?

Anais Anais, a French perfume company, announced it is releasing a new fragrance called vera wan on Nov. 18.

The new fragrance is a collaboration with the artist and fragrance writer Maria D’Alesandro, who was born in Italy but now lives in France.

The fragrance will be released by the company’s new perfume studio, Lumière Rouge, and is inspired by the way the flowers in the bouquet are manipulated.

“It’s about the fragrance, it’s a very strong fragrance, so we wanted to create something really special,” D’Langesandro told Fox News.

The fragrants’ name, vera, comes from the Greek word vera (life) and wan (flower).

“We call it vera and wAN,” D.L.S. said.

“I was trying to find a name that felt really appropriate and it came to me, and it became a name.”

D’Anais Anois is the new Vera WAN fragrance.

It is the first fragrance to be released with a collaborative spirit between Maria D.A.L.’s own collection and that of Maria D’.

Alesro, who is based in Paris.

“This is not an individual fragrance,” D.’

Anais said.

D’Alois said Maria D.’

Alesroto’s collection has “fractured” the traditional concept of “scent” in the perfume industry.

“In traditional perfume, there are three types of smells: the natural, the synthetic and the chemical,” D’.

Alois explained.

“Now we’re seeing that it’s not just natural or synthetic or chemical, but also a combination of all of these smells that have a connection to the plant, the flowers and the soil, the soil is the most important element in the fragrance.”


Alois Anais is not the only perfume maker to make a collaboration this year.

“We’re collaborating with the singer Mariah Carey, and also with the actress Jessica Alba,” Dalsal said.

Maria Dalian is also collaborating with Mariah, as are two other women, the fashion designer Gisela Rau, and the film director Laura Poitras.

In addition to the collaborations, D’Salais Anais announced a new collection, “Viva de l’Ombre” that will be unveiled Nov. 24.

The collection will be comprised of nine perfumes in three different scents.

The first perfume, the “Villa de lumière,” is the traditional version of the fragrant.

The second perfume, “La Veracruz,” is a more “natural” version of that fragrance.

The third fragrance, “Lumière, Veracrusse,” is an “artistic and poetic” collaboration with an artfully arranged rose petal scent.

“The idea of using the roses and the flowers as the foundation of the fragrance, which is very important to us, is very beautiful,” Dalian said.

The name Vera is a Latin word that means “life.”

“It is about the life of the flower and the flower is also the life,” Dalia added.

“There is a connection between the flower, the flower-filled life, and being alive.

So we are using the flower as the basis of our perfume.”

The fragrant, “Vera, Vera” is scheduled to be sold in stores on Nov and Dec. 18 for $15 a bottle.

“Vera, Verah,” will be available in stores from Dec. 30 through Jan. 3.

The “La Lumières” fragrance will come out Nov. 19 for $25 a bottle and will be distributed at select Dalian stores and at the fragrance’s website.

The brand will also release two new scents, “Péterie” and “Père de Peer.”

Péterine will be a “new, bold, romantic scent,” while Peer will be an “influenced, earthy, rich, fruity, floral fragrance.”

“The word père comes from Père Verdun, which means ‘sister,’ ” Dalian explained.

She also added, “the word péteri means ‘brother.’ “

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