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A free version of libre perfumes from YSL

A few weeks ago, we reported on a new perfume line from Ysl, an independent perfume company in the UK that has been gaining buzz for a long time.

The YSL perfume line is a freebie for the public to try.

The perfume, which comes in both a standard and a full size, has a limited release on the company’s website, which was just announced.

We had a chance to take a taste of the perfume before it was available for purchase, and have to say it’s a lovely fragrance.

It’s a warm, floral fragrance that has a nice sweet smell.

It washes away quickly with water.

It smells like a fresh, fragrant flower.

There are hints of orange and rose.

It has a sweet, soft scent that lingers for a while after it’s worn off.

It gives off a sweet and fruity fragrance that’s not too heavy.

There’s a very good smell and a very natural scent.

There is a subtle, slightly fruity and slightly woodsy scent.

It reminds me of a lemonade stand or a bakery.

There also is a faint floral note.

It is not a strong floral note but it does have a nice scent.

The scent is light and it’s easy to wear.

It lasted for three hours on me, and the scent did not linger in my hair.

The only drawback is that there are no full sizes of the fragrance, but Ysl has promised that there will be more in the future.

The fragrance is available for £1.99 ($2.75).

The Ysl perfume is available in the US and Canada.

It comes in four different scents: The standard YSL fragrance is a full-sized, $19.99 bottle, while the full size is $19 for a full bottle, and $19 on its own.

The full-size is $1.49 ($1.90) and the perfume is $2.50 ($3.00) for a sample.

Both the sample and full-priced versions come in a gift box with the perfume.

If you’re looking for a more premium, full-on scent, you can also get a sample for $5 ($7.50) for the sample or $6 ($9.50).

For the full-price sample, you get both a full sized bottle and a perfume sample, and it also comes in a separate gift box.

YSL has also promised to expand its offerings with new perfume styles in the near future.

You can check out YSL’s website for more details on how to order.

Ysl’s fragrance line has been around since 2013, and YSL CEO Simon Taylor told The Verge that the company has seen a surge in interest for the scent.

“I think the reason we’re seeing so much interest is because people are really passionate about their perfumes,” he said.

“When people come in and buy a perfume, they want a sample, they like to see what it smells like, and they love a scent that’s free.”

YSL also said that the perfume line will continue to grow, as the company is working on other perfume collections.

Taylor also said the company hopes to release more perfume offerings in the months to come.

Ylspresuys perfume has a lot of different styles, but the company said that its current offerings are all in the perfume family.

Ylsprout is a family of perfumes that come in four flavors: The fragrance for the ladies is $4.99 for a perfume and a sample ($9 for a limited edition sample), while the fragrance for men is $5.99 per perfume and $9.99 sample ($14.99 total for all five).

The fragrance and perfume sample are available in a $12.99 gift box that comes with all five perfumes.

Ylfsprout has been available for several years now, and Taylor said that Ylscents perfume line, which is now available, is a collaboration between Ylss perfume and Ylspouts perfumeries.

The company’s perfumerries have been working on their own perfumes for a number of years now.

The first Ylsprouts fragrance, the fragrance of a man who wears a mask, was launched in 2014.

The second YlsProut fragrance was released in 2018.

The third Yls Prout fragrance, which debuted in 2018, is now being sold through a Ylssprs online store.

The fourth Ylsscents fragrance, called “Men in Black,” was released last month, and was released to the public in 2019.

The fifth Ylsspres perfume is currently available on the Ylssh website.

It will release in January 2020, and is described as a “winter blend of rosemary, black pepper, clove, and cedarwood.”

Ylsh’s fragrance is described by the company as “a winter blend of a soft, floral blend of black pepper and rosemary that is very

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