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Lady Gaga’s Halloween perfume review: The fragrance is beautiful but not so scary

When it comes to Halloween scents, Lady Gaga has her hands full.

In an interview with The Washington Times, Gaga said the perfume she’s been wearing is her “first attempt” at Halloween fragrance.

Gaga said she used to wear Halloween scented candles at Halloween parties, but she never did any makeup, so she’s never had much success with that one.

The fragrance, “Halloween,” comes in two types, a mild and a strong.

Gaga has described the scent as “a subtle, light floral” that “just kind of makes you feel like you’re in the world.”

The strong version is “a slightly fruity floral with a hint of a rose” but, like the other scents on the list, “has no hint of pumpkin,” according to the Times.

The other two scents are “anise, patchouli, lavender, vanilla and cedar.”

Gaga said there’s also “a lot of vanilla” in the mix, which is a bit of a surprise.

The perfume is described as having “a rich, vanilla musk that lingers in your mouth for hours after you inhale it.”

Gaga says she “was so excited to finally wear a perfume that smells like it’s been in my mouth for years.”

Gaga, who also owns the label “Poppy” fragrance line, recently released “Hitchcock” scents.

The brand features three scents that she created: a “bright red” scent, “the bright pink of summer” and “a scent that makes you think of the beach.”

The scents range from $15-$35.

Lady Gaga’s perfume review and more from The Washington The Washington Bureau chief for The New York Times and a former writer for The Associated Press, Michelle Moons, is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles.

Follow her on Twitter at @malonesmals.

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