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Why I bought Chanel pink fragrance

I bought a Chanel Pink perfume for $30 in August last year.

The perfume was an instant hit, with my girlfriend saying it was her favorite perfume of the season.

I wasn’t sure how much I’d be spending, so I asked my mum what I could afford.

She said she’d been thinking about the perfume a lot, so she suggested I go for it.

Chanel’s pink perfumes are usually made with a pink base to add a pink note to the base of the fragrance, and they’re often available in a range of colours and shapes, such as rose, purple, and peach.

This time around, Chanel said that it was using a pinkish-brown base to make the perfume, which it said is “more pink in texture and more peach”.

The pink base is also supposed to enhance the smell of the perfume by “removing some of the red and blue odour”.

I wasn’t too sure about the pinkness of the base, so my mum suggested I try the Chanel Pure Pigeon pink fragrance.

It’s the most expensive of the lot, costing $70 for 20g, but it’s a little pricey at $32.50.

I’d never used a Chanels pink fragrance before, so when I picked it up, I thought it smelled like a perfume made with pink.

I’d never thought that pink would have such an affect on my skin.

The smell wasn’t overpowering, but the pink added a bit of a metallic, metallic note to my nose.

It was definitely a bit too pink for me.

The pink colour was definitely noticeable, but I didn’t really notice any pink in the smell itself.

But when I went back to use the perfume on my face, I realised it was still good for me, so that’s what I bought again.

I didn´t really notice much of a difference between the original and the Pure Pühne, and I’m glad I bought it.

I was surprised at how much it cost.

After buying the Pure Pink, I was sold.

I went into the store to find out what I had to spend on a new fragrance.

My mum said she bought Chanels Pure Pink for $70.

For a lot of people, the smell is a bit overpowering.

For me, it was very nice.

I love the smell.

I also love the price tag.

Chanel is a brand that’s often on the top of the list of most expensive perfumes in the world.

If you’re buying a lot more than $20, you should probably consider buying a fragrance from a small company, rather than buying from a big perfume company.

But if you do want to buy Chanel’s expensive fragrances, it’s worth keeping an eye out for some cheaper alternatives.

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