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About us

About Atragin cosmetics company

In the name of Allah

History of ATRAGIN

In 1936, Medical Color pharmaceutical and cosmetic Company was established in Naserieh Street in Tehran in a 70 m apartment where only had two rooms.

Deceased Dr. Jalal Badakhshan was one of the first graduates of pharmaceutical faculty of Tehran University who could end professional courses of industrial and cosmetic pharmacy in France and England. He is one of the founder pharmacists establishing this professional and scientific industry in Iran.

In 1971, Medical Color Company was transferred to Vanak Street and in 1981 its name was changed into ATRAGIN and it did its best to apply its scientific power and younger workforce for producing professional cosmetic products in an equipped laboratory.

In 1981, along with changing the business name, the manufacturing unit of this laboratory started its activity in Garmdarre, Makhsus Road, Karaj and could win a proper position among the experts, specialists and more importantly the consumers of Iranian manufacturing products.

In 1989, the development plan of manufacturing unit was executed in Hashtgerd and the most equipped manufacturing unit of cosmetic products was constructed and exploited.

Presently, there are few Iranian families who don’t know the manufacturing products of ATRAGIN Company. Useful products such as different kinds of peeling and hydrating creams, antibacterial and cosmetic gel as well as perfume and shampoo have herbal base and they are trusted by medical society dermatologists.

After eighty years, having a research center equipped with the latest experimental facilities, Dr. Kamkar and Pargas Medicine are counted as veterans of Iran’s cosmetic and hygienic industry by being benefitted from skin and beauty, orthopedic and health medicine consultants.

The basis of scientific and executive beliefs in ATRAGN is to be present in vast regional markets and provide all facilities in the land being entrusted by the grace of God. It tries to promote production in this industry so that all countries around the world want their products to be produced in the manufacturing units of ATRAGIN by trusting the quality of products. Public luck in inland customers is the honor of ATRAGIN specialists and researchers.

Favorable quality of products based on researches, being updated, being aware of people’s needs, respecting customers and taking advantage of the latest technology are top priorities of the managers of ATRAGIN and the research center.

Production of reputable cosmetic products with ATRAGIN, Muban, Tila, Rene, Dr. KA, +A Wishca and Lafarer brands as well as new productions with global brands competing popular foreign products are manifestation of the eightieth year of the presence of knowledge, technology and art in the arena of producing cosmetic products. 

On the verge of ninth decade of the life of ATRAGIN, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Kamkar and its works, the products and friends following the path during years, smart mind and years of experience in the area of managing public health industry manifested a path for him helping him to promote the seed of Medical Color to a powerful tree and the fruit of ATRAGIN. 





About us

By compiling and executing the strategic plan of the Company we believe that: ATRAGIN is the cradle of creativity, wisdom and specialty being benefitted from rich Iranian intelligence as well as its climate and nature. It will never stop trying to reconcile people with beauty and health by providing effective solutions.     




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